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By John Mather

Ryerson’s outdated website is taking bids for a $500,000 face lift.

Last week university advancement publicly posted the offer to companies. This is part of an overall effort to improve Ryerson’s image. “We want to create the ability for a high chool student to have easy access (to our site),” said Adam Kahan, vice president university advancement.

There are currently over 100,000 webpages linked to the main Ryerson site, and only 37 of 92 faculties use the authorized template. Ian Marlatt, university advancement communications director, said the goal is to have them conform to the “Ryerson brand” by looking the same. “Some things are harder to find than they should be,” he said.

Brian Lesser, assistant director of teaching and technology support for computing and communications services, said Ryerson’s budget will likely include replacing servers for Ryerson.ca and sharing information with Continuing Education online and Blackboard (an online teaching tool).

Ryerson is narrowing down the list of potential designersand will choose one to do the overhaul in the next few weeks. Kahan said the new site should be up and running within four to six months.

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