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By Amanda-Marie Quintino

After almost two years as RyeSAC’s general manager, Rob Emerson is stepping down to head the new Student Campus Centre.

Emerson, who has been with RyeSAC since 2001 and has been general manager since March 2003, handed in his letter of resignation last Wednesday morning.

“This was something I thought about for a very long time,” he said about his decision to accept the student-centre position.”I just couldn’t deny the passion I have for this new building after working on it for the past four years.”

Emerson’s departure comes at a time when two RyeSAC employees-former Communications Outreach Manager Pauline Spencer and Student Issues and Advocacy Co-ordinator Andrew Noble-left their jobs this year.

With Spencer, Noble, and now Emerson gone, as well as a fresh executive set to head RyeSAC in 2005-06, the organization may find itself in a tough position.

Chair of the Palin Foundation Ron Stagg, one of the committee reps that hired Emerson for the new job, agreed RyeSAC would feel Emerson’s absence.

“I think he’s going to do a very good job (at the student centre), but it will, without a doubt, leave RyeSAC scrambling to find a new general manager,” he said.

RyeSAC is determined to have all managerial positions filled by May 1, and RyeSAC President Dave MacLean stressed that everything is expected to be well in order at the time of the executive transition.

As general manager of RyeSAC, part of Emerson’s job was to break down walls. Now, he’s anxious to build the place Ryerson students will call home.

“I remember what it was like to be a student here in the mid-90s with no student campus centre,” he said.”There’s a lot of trust that the entire community is putting in my hands, so I’m taking it very seriously.”

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