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Eyeopener Staff

What would you like for Valentine’s day?

Definately some BeyBlades. BeyBlades are so cool.

Which of the girls on your team would most likely throw a garment at Ryan “Snake” Vandenburg?

(Rams Second-year middle) Marta Pytlak. (laughs), No, they’re just really, really good friends.

What would Snake want for Valentine’s?

Maybe Snake would want tanning lessons, because he’s so white.

Which mascot or animated character should Ryerson mascot Eggy the Ram hook up with?

Stripperella. Cuz she’s hot, and Eggy needs some action.

What do you do for Valentine’s day?

Not much. Just because it’s a day. It’s one friggin’ day, and then it’s over.

What do girls on your team look for in a guy?

A cool mullet, with a rat tail, too. A beer belly. Cankles; where there’s no distinction between calves and ankles. Really big Coke-bottle glasses. Jogging pants that are too short. Velcro sneakers. A snap bracelet, and a dog collar, with those crazy chrome spikes. Oh yeah. That’s hot.

Should a guy or girl take the initiative in a relationship?

Both. Cuz what happens if the guy doesn’t know if the girl likes him? Then they’re both confused. But a guy needs to drop his purse sometimes.

What celebrity would play men’s coach Mirek Porosa in a love movie?

Sean Connery, except more Polish-er, and not so Scottish-y.

Hottest singer? George Michael.

Hottest actor? Steven Seagal.

Person you’ll marry? Gord Downey (of The Tragically Hip). I’m gonna marry him, he just doesn’t know it.

Favourite Canadian? I’m in love with Wayne Gretzky. If I don’t marry Gord, I’ll marry him.

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