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By Martin Holley

I was on edge as I waited for the streetcar. A mixture of fear, anticipation and horniness filled my body.

Questions about whether I should be doing this filled my mind. Another 20 minutes and I’d find out. We had set the time and place last night, in a drunken conversation, which had started out as a confession on my part.

“I know you’re bi, I remember you telling me…” I had said quietly. “Yeah,” Christian replied. “Why?” The look on his face, a sly smile and genuine curiosity, gave me the confidence to continue.

“Well, I…it’s like…” the words stumbled out of my mouth, “I think I’m bi, too.” I finally said, the relief washing over me like a muscle when it stops cramping. “I always thought you were,” he said, “the way you look at me sometimes.”

His face told me that he had enjoyed my stolen glances at him. This sent a chill down my spine and a noticeable tightening in my pants.

I looked down and saw that I wasn’t the only one. A large bulge was visible in his pants as well. I wanted to reach out and touch it but stopped; we were in the bar where he worked.

A charged silence followed as what I’d begun set in. But after months of fighting these feelings, I couldn’t leave it at this. I’d been very unhappy with my wife–and I knew from previous conversations that he was having similar problems with his girlfriend–so finally I spit it out: “Do you want to have an affair?” I was on the streetcar without remembering getting on.

It was as though, after months of debating whether to do this or not, my body had made the decision for me. It had jolted me out of the rut I’d been in for years. Released…was I careening down a hill out of control? My cell phone buzzed. I had a new message from him: I CANT WAIT HURRY DOOR IS UNLOCKED. I answered back, taking forever to key in the letters.

Finally it was my stop and I got off. I puffed on a cigarette frantically as I walked to his apartment ever so slowly. I was there. It was time. Throwing down the cigarette, I pressed the intercom button. After a short pause the door lock clicked and I entered. When I got to his apartment door, I saw that it was ajar. I entered, finding a darkened apartment.

Locking the door I heard him say: “I’m in the bedroom.” I entered the room to find him in his underwear on the bed. His body was smooth and hairless. “Get undressed and join me,” he said. I followed his orders, my heart pounding as I struggled to get my clothes off. “I like that you’re hairy,” he said, “it turns me on to be with a real man.”

I mumbled something incoherent and slid down next to him on the bed, still too stunned and nervous to do anything else. “Do you like my body?” he asked. “Yes…very much,” I replied. “I never knew you were so beautiful.”

And he was beautiful. Tall and lean, his jet-black hair long and straight, partially covering his striking blue eyes. Some of the girls I knew called him “Cute Chris” behind his back. He always seemed to have girls chasing him. “Touch me,” he said. I reached out and tentatively touched his chest with my hand, slowing moving down towards his tented underwear.

Grabbing him there, I felt hardness and heat. We slowly kissed. First lips gently touching and then tongues. Pushing me onto my back, he slowly started licking my chest, my nipples. Slowly, he moved further and further down. Intense pleasure surged though my body. I had to kiss him. I pulled him up and rolled on top of him, violently penetrating his open mouth with my tongue.

He responded with moans, his whole body telling me to continue. I had an overwhelming urge to possess him at that moment. Slowly the outside world disappeared, and we became feral in a way I had never experienced before. I entered him, and all of my fears and worries slipped away. I’d finally found where I wanted to be.

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