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By Linda Nguyen

Next year’s RyeSAC executives will be given new laptops, but members of the incoming exec say it’s all part of a “raw deal.”

RyeSAC’s vice president education-elect Nora Loreto said she sees nothing wrong with the computers current executives have been using year-round, and called the purchase of new laptops for herself and fellow executives a trend in “frivolous expenses,” especially given that RyeSAC is already running on a $260,000 deficit.

During the March 16 RyeSAC board meeting, a motion passed unanimously to allow the current execs to buy their $1,500 laptops at two-thirds the original cost. But that plan doesn’t sit well with everyone.

RyeSAC’s vice president finance and services Derek Isber argued the current execs aren’t the only ones benefiting when they buy back their laptops–RyeSAC does, too. “It’s more than fair because I’m paying more than market value (for the laptop),” said Isber, who added that he would “sell my laptop to anybody who wants to pay me for what I’m paying for it.”

Jeff Lee, a computer expert from Unistar Computer Store on Parliament Street, said the laptops would sell for about $1,000 today.

RyeSAC President Dave MacLean said people are causing a stir over nothing and that, most likely, the individuals complaining don’t fully understand the situation. “It’s more personal than a real issue,” said MacLean, adding he welcomes the new members to talk to the current executives about their laptop concerns.

Even so, vice president finance-elect Ram Sivapalan isn’t happy.

On Monday, he sent a letter to the board of directors to voice his opposition to the motion. It won’t do much good–the new laptops have already arrived.

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