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By André Voshart

In an effort to increase the level of culturally-sensitive foods around campus, Halal food options are now available in the HUB and Pitman Hall cafeterias.

Peter Schneider, food service director, said it’s important to accommodate Ryerson’s large Muslim population. Chicken-steak sandwiches and three meat-and-rice dishes served on campus are all pork-free and “Certified Halal,” meaning they’re prepared in ways permissible by Islamic law.

This includes proper slaughtering methods. John Corallo, ancillary services director, said the new meals are what he asked for. “I’ve asked Aramark to look into more culturally diverse dishes,” he said. “(The current promotion) is a test to continue running these dishes” and Aramark may serve Kosher meals if all goes well.

The promotion is running till the end of the school year. If all goes well, Schneider said the program could be expanded to offer other cultural dishes to students.

The Ryerson Muslim Students Association is pleased with the initiative. “It is good to see we are being accommodated,” said MSA president Waled Elsayed. “The Muslim community is large, so instead of going off-campus it is good to get them on.”

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