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By Robyn Doolittle

Lindsay Harris confirmed her weekend flight back home to Winnipeg with a Jetsgo sales representative the night the company announced bankruptcy.

But even worse she said, her best friends purchased two round-trip tickets online to go visit her with less than hour before the discount airline grounded all flights for good.

“(The bankruptcy) has made all the other prices go up. An average flight is $450. With Jetsgo I was paying $200 round trip,” she said. Jetsgo announced it would be seeking court protection from creditors shortly after midnight last Thursday.

Passengers who didn’t book through a travel agent or credit card company may not get their money back.

Harris is lucky because she purchased her flight through VISA. “We’re working on refunding people whose (flights have passed,)” said VISA representative Jackie Braden, adding the company will continue to service people as their flight date approaches. ”

At this point, those who booked far in advance will need to wait.

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