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By Dave MacLean

President, RyeSAC

Dear Eyeopener, I am writing to you on a personal note in regards to your response to RyeSAC’s stance about the parody issue.

I feel your opinion is not only correct but that you have pointed out the flaws in acting too swiftly, before getting all the facts straight. It has always been my philosophy to be a community member and as such I have always consulted with the community when taking a stance on an issue.

I don’t pretend that I haven’t done foolish things or made idiotic statements. I will be the first to admit I have learned from those mistakes and will gladly admit I was wrong.

I believe the strongest quality in a leader is to admit when you are wrong, and then solve the problem. I concur that the RyeSAC executive moved rashly and harshly without properly being advised and consultative with the community of which The Eyeopener is a member and should forever remain one.

I respect and will forever support the fact that RyeSAC has a strong stance against discriminatory actions that occur on campus. I truly believe in an inclusive campus. I have taken strong actions throughout this year against incidents that have occurred.

I believe that many remarks in the paper were discriminatory and greatly offended individuals. However, it is quite clear that The Eyeopener was creating a parody issue and as such was merely pointing flaws out in the National Post‘s stereotypical conservative viewpoint.

The Eyeopener, if anything, has provided an opportunity for people to talk about the social issues not currently being properly addressed in the National Post. This has been a difficult year for me, being served letters with misleading and incorrect information from individuals without ever being consulted first.

I apologize for supporting the motion thrown into my lap at last week’s executive meeting. Further, I apologize for allowing a letter sent to The Eyeopener from RyeSAC without due consultation. And allowing what has been happening to me all year, to be done to another member of the community with my signature on it.

I will firmly stand by a zero tolerance policy to any form of discrimination or harassment on this campus. Since the letter from RyeSAC, I have taken the time to meet with the communities potentially affected by the parody issue. I have found nothing to this point but genuine contentment with The Eyeopener parody, and a belief that it shows the flaws of the stereotypical tendencies to oppose social progression.

As a member of the provincial Progressive Conservative party, I did, however, take offense to the portrayal of my party. At the same time, I took it with a grain of salt. I would also like to reaffirm with The Eyeopener and the Ryerson community that I support freedom of speech and as such I will be pushing to repeal this ill-advised motion.

As well, I wish to rebuild the mutually beneficial community relationships to which individuals have continually pressed to destroy.

Dave MacLean


Ryerson Students’ Administrative Council

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