You sold your soul to Eggy

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This could be bad.

You hand over the letter and Lachemi tears into it with his teeth. He reads aloud: “Dear Mr. Lachemi, this message will not be easy to hear, so I shall be succinct. I am writing to inform you that your tenure as Ryerson’s president is nearing its end. I have found a new human host for my life force to inherit. It just so happens that they are sitting in front of you. I challenged them to a test to prove their worth. By delivering this letter to you, they have passed. I control their soul now, and they will control Ryerson. Far too much went down this year Mr. Lachemi, FAR too much. When you finish reading this message, your mortal form shall finish its time on Earth. Yours truly, Eggy.”

Blood starts trickling out of Lachemi’s ears. Before you can blink, his whole desk is covered in blood. He didn’t even have a chance to say a single word before he died. The blood starts floating up off of the desk. You feel yourself drawn to it. Mmm, blood. It has never looked so good before, so tasty. As you, the blood and Eggy’s life force merge into one, you black out. You are the new tyrant overlord of Ryerson.


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