I wear a tutu, wanna brawl?

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Robyn Doolittle 
Business Editor

My poor little sport. For four years I’ve been toe-looping around Moss Park arena, but even some of my closest friends still don’t know Ryerson has a figure skating team.

Badminton. Fencing. I empathize. We are the little-known sports that get no respect, no support and no coverage. I’ve been involved with the Eyeopener going on three years, and I can’t even convince our own sports section to cover us!

We were served last at the athletic banquet, we get virtually no exposure from the university, and no fan support at competitions. Why? No one knows we exist. I’m not even 100 per cent sure the administration knows about us.

But you know what? Not this year. Glory will no longer be reserved solely for the hockey, volleyball and basketball teams.

Season 05/06 will be the year of the figure skater, the badminton player and the fencer. Heck, throw rowing in there, too, for that crazy coach, Dominic Khan.

This year the fringe sports are taking the university by storm. I swear it on my toe picks.

Correction: September 14, 2005

Remember how you were taken aback by the scary picture on page 12 of our Frosh issue? Was that enough to make you not notice the big mistake the editor inserted into the rant? Yep, the word “equestrian” pertains to horseback riding (or to a class of knights, apparently) and has nothing to do with fencing. There is no horseback riding at Ryerson, nor are there any knights. (But there is a figure skating team, in case you didn’t get that). Because theEyeopener has the unfortunate history of getting everything related to fencing wrong, let’s add a tiny tutorial. There are three kinds of weapons used in fencing: foil, epee and sabre.

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