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by Josh Wingrove
Sports Editor

I play poker, Texas Hold ’em, and I’m not alone.

Did anyone else watch The Score’s European Poker Tour over the summer? With that hot british girl interviewing the losers after their AK gets runner-runnered by the hammer?

You know what I’m talking about. I like poker. I play with my friends. We play mini $10 or $20 tournaments. Get lucky, make a hundred dollars in a couple hours.

That being said, I also play sports. Last year, I participated in intramurals through the Ryerson Athletic Centre. Basketball and dodgeball.

So, recap.

I play poker.

I play basketball.

I do not expect to do both in the same venue, but, lo and behold, Ryerson Sports and Recreation is introducing poker and euchre into their fall intramural schedule.

“We’re also looking at intramurals as it’s recreation,” said Randy Pipher, Sports and Rec’s intramural coordinator. “Poker is so big on TV right now. I was given that idea.”

Your 25 bucks gets you a seat every Friday for eight weeks and 20,000 play chips to bet with. After 8 weeks, tables are arranged according to chip counts and a two-week playoff begins. Tournament style, play till you’re out.

The winner gets a T-shirt.

“It’s everywhere, in terms of not just poker, but also euchre and cards. Everyone does play cards. It is sort of fun and recreational. We’re here to have some fun and do other things… it’s recreation and that involves intramurals as well.”

Last year, dodgeball took intramurals by storm. Twenty-two teams registered in second semester to dodge, dip, duck, dive, and, uh, dodge.

“It ran very well for a first-time sport,” Pipher said. “Basically, we found out that a lot of people lie and cheat to win.”

Guilty as charged.

New sports are great. But what kind of precedent does it set?

Poker and euchre will be held in the RAC studios, which are also home to various yoga and exercise classes. ”

The most we could house is 55 or 60 (people). If we get there, I’ll be amazed,” Pipher said.

Prepare to be amazed then, sir. But let me say this:

It’s a sad day when the ambient noise in a government-funded rec centre is the shuffling of chips, and not the bouncing of balls.

I fold.

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