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by Amanda Buckiewicz 

Ryerson students can now save on car insurance.

In a partnership with BELAIRdirect and the Ryerson Students’ Union, students under the age of 25 can get 10 per cent off their auto insurance.

“We know that a lot of students drive and we want to make sure that they have accessible insurance,” said Ram Sivapalan, vice president of Finance and Services with the RSU. “If someone drives from Thornhill to the subway station, where they use their discounted metropass, the savings can really add up. We’re hoping to save students $10,000.”

People under 25 have to pay a lot more for auto insurance because of their age. “We want to curb some of that extra money coming out of their pockets,” said Michael Verticchio, RSU’s executive director.

Verticchio and Sivapalan have been working on getting this deal for Ryerson students for the past few months, but students may not have heard about it.

“We have some posters, but we are depending on a lot of word of mouth advertising,” said Verticchio.

BELAIRdirect recently started sending out flyers advertising the deal.

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