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By Kerry Wall 

Ryerson’s colours may be blue and gold, but the Ryerson Students’ Union hopes to inject some green on campus.

Executives and board directors unanimously agreed to take and endorse an environmental sustainability pledge at their meeting on Aug. 25.

The pledge was inspired by a similar initiative at the University of British Columbia and encourages students and faculty to “strive to improve the sustainability of the communities in which (they) live, learn, work and play.”

Vice-president education Nora Loreto says the pledge will help people make environmentally friendly decisions.

“It’s a way to get people to consider the ‘three Rs,’ in their daily lives” she said.

Students first had the opportunity to buy environment-themed tote bags during orientation week.

The RSU’s environmental pledge is written on the bag in green.

The RSU has started a garbage bin initiative by ‘adopting’ a bin at Gould and Bond Streets.

Loreto explained that the Ryerson community is now the city’s liason for the bin.

“If it’s full, we can call the city and they’ll have someone out here to clean it within 20 minutes,” she said.

The students’ union also plans to compile a list of healthy places for students and faculty to eat around the university.

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