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by Amy Sharaf
Senior reporter

Ryerson is spending roughly $11,200 to install hand sanitizer dispensers outside campus washrooms.

“I guess with various threats of flu-like symptoms, people are becoming more and more conscious about washing their hands,” said Ian Hamilton, director of Campus Planning and Facilities, which installed the machines.

There are 268 washrooms on campus and Hamilton said the goal is to have dispensers outside all of them. He said the price for the job includes taxes and installation.

Danielle Beaucage, a first-year student in the graduate journalism program, said that the dispensers are quick and easy for busy students who may not carry sanitizer with them.

“It’s providing no excuse now for not cleaning your hands,” she said.

Marianna Ofner, a University Toronto expert on infectious disease, said hand sanitizer units are definitely not a waste of money.

“Keeping your hands clean is probably the best way that anyone can protect themselves against influenza,” she said.

Last year, third-year nursing students working on political action projects for class recommended Ryerson place sanitizers in key areas such as high-traffic hallways.

Fourth-year nursing student Nicole Francis said they should not be limited to outside of washrooms.

“When I came to school I was quite surprised because there were no hand sanitzers in the caf. This is where we are eating,” she said.

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