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by Amy Sharaf 

ITM students have to shack up with strangers — at least when it comes to their lockers.

With only 400 lockers available for an estimated 1,500 students, Information Technology Management students have to find “locker buddies.”

About 280 first-year ITM students have their lockers assigned alphabetically, meaning some students may share with people they don’t know. An average of four people are assigned to each locker.

ITM students are required to pay nearly $1,500 a year to lease laptops as part of their program. Though there are posters warning students not to leave valuables in their lockers, theft is still a concern for some of them.

“There (were) some stories going around about some stuff missing from the lockers, maybe because of the sharing,” said Isaac Jovellanos, 22, a fourth-year student.

“As long as (students) get to meet the people they’re sharing with and (have) their contact information then it should be OK, but I wouldn’t do it,” he said.

David Poon, a second-year student, said he does not use a locker. “(My laptop) is not insured, so if it’s stolen, I have to pay for it,” he said.

Fourth-year student Mathew Choe doesn’t have a locker and wouldn’t want to share one.

“It’s ridiculous, you don’t know if you can trust (your locker buddies) and you have to share your valuables with them?”

Ryerson President Sheldon Levy said he wanted to rid the university of its “Rye High” image. He said he doesn’t know how lockers will factor into his “master plan.”

“Are there (alternative) locker facilities? I don’t know the answer,” said Levy. “Student study space is the highest priority.”

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