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By Barry Hertz

Arts & Entertainment Editor

If you had a scout uniform fetish, were into dressing up like a medieval knight and thought Pulp Fiction really needed to be staged in front of a live audience, 2005 was a very good year for you. Weirdo.

Despite your questionable taste, those stories and more were featured in last semester’s Arts and Entertainment section of this fine paper. Since it’s a new year, and there are all these nervous, sweaty, sexually awkward editors running around, we’ve decided to do a bit of an overview through some Arts and Entertainment stories you may have missed last semester, and what to keep your eyes on this year.


Our most popular stories by far last semester, strangely enough, revolved around people dressing up in odd clothing. Whether it were the fantastically wicked girls who started the Suicide Girls off-shoot Scandal Scouts (Oct.4), or our school’s very own knight in shining armour (Nov.2), Rye was filled last year with people expressing themselves through their own, unique definition of fashion.

Film Festival Flim Flam

You wouldn’t know it, but there are more film festivals in the city than there are hot dog carts. It’s true, look it up, I dare you. Last semester, we featured too many young filmmakers from Rye to count, but some highlights include the Student Shorts Film Festival (Oct.26), the Toronto International Film Festival (Sept.14), and the Fantasy Worldwide International Film Festival (Oct.19), to name a few.

And still, no free screenings of Harry Potter … it was a sore point around the office.

All the world?

When students weren’t busy shooting each other over discussions of Big Macs in Pulp Fiction Live! (Oct.25), they were solving murder mysteries in the Theatre School’s production of Walk on Water, or defying gravity in Ryerson Dances 2005 (Nov.30).

With the theatre school just gearing up for several more productions, I’m expecting flying, dancing, singing murder mysteries if they expect to top themselves. I’m serious.

Rock and/or Roll

If bands like Cuff the Duke, Metric, (both Aug.24) and Sadie May Crash (Sept. 27) weren’t enough to satisfy your musical palate, then surely the sounds of Rye students-turned-fearless-self-promoters Eden Ants (Nov.15) or the creepy prog rockers Truckee Lake (Nov.15) must’ve rocked your socks off.

Please report to a doctor if they didn’t.

And now…

As for this year, expect a few changes in your favourite section ever, including the occasional column written by both editors expounding on the vibrant and, at times, insanely busy entertainment scene at Ryerson. Suggestions? Complaints? Want to write for us? Bring us cookies? Just stop on by the office.

I’ll be the one passed out in my luke warm plate of phud thai. Delicious.

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