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Eyeopener Staff

A Mercury Villager minivan was reported stolen on Saturday from Ryerson’s Victoria Street parking garage.

Security was contacted around 4 p.m. on Saturday by the vehicle’s owner, who is not a member of the Ryerson community.

Toronto Metropolitan Police were also notified. Security discovered two other vehicles with either a driver- or passenger-side window smashed while investigating the theft. The owners of the two vehicles reported stolen items. The vehicle break-ins are the ninth and 10th at the Victoria Street garage since Dec. 30, despite an effort by security to increase its presence there. A thief or thieves have been targetting vehicles with items left in plain view.

Security Manager Lawrence Robinson said security is continuing an investigation into the thefts. “You can’t be everywhere at once,” Robinson said. “We’ve got a whole campus to look after, but we are paying special attention to the parking garage right now because they’ve come on in a bit of a wave in the last couple weeks.

“Thefts from motorvehicles is a fairly common crime in the downtown area,” Robinson added. But he said vehicle theft is uncommon on campus.

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