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By Haitham Abu Zeid

Adam just slammed a shot glass on the bar that just a few seconds ago contained a colorless liquor, he gave his closest buddies a high five followed by a loud cheer and now he’s all fired up and ready to have a great time at the club.

His mission: to get laid. His motto: try and try again. His motivation: his buddies.

Mike just slammed a shot glass on the bar that just a few seconds ago contained a colorless liquor, he gave his buddy a pat on the back in an attempt to cheer him up and joined his friends on the dance floor which was now filling up with more and more beautiful people all out to have a great time.

His mission: cheer up his buddy. His motto: let loose. His motivation: his friends. Adam begins to dance slowly with his friends as they all scope the field for “victims.” After the first song his attention is directed towards blond hair, a sexy white top, tight black pants and an invigorating scent that begins to brush up against his shirt as a girl attempts her way to the washroom. Adam’s senses tingle as he cups her left cheek with his right hand, followed by a look to his buddies for a sign of congratulations.

The victim turns around to find a half dozen eyes glaring at her and questions herself as to who the culprit is, but to no avail. She continues her treacherous journey within the swamp of people. Mike begins to dance to his favorite song, giving casual smiles every now and then to a beautiful girl, with her back to the bar, who smiles right back. The light atop the bar bounces off her tanned complexion giving her an angelic look while her silky long black hair shines bright like a star amidst the darkness.

A quick flash of black light reveals her slender body concealed by a tight white top and matching pants exquisitely outlining her curves. His attention is suddenly diverted to a familiar scent filled with happy memories and wonderful times. His sense of smell guides his hand to the waist of this ex-girlfriend. With a big smile on their faces, they hug and begin to converse. She inquires as to how a kind-hearted and respectable gentleman such as him remains single.

He reminds her of his upbringing consisting of righteous chivalry. They laugh at memories of old times as they remember the love they once shared. Suddenly, a group of girls is spotted through the crowd of partiers and a signal is sent to the rest of the pack. In formation, Adam and his company begin their march towards the group and switch to “surround mode.” Upon arrival, Adam, with his recent triumph, pushes his body up against the shortest girl and begins to sway his body in synch with hers.

Her friends quickly move to push Adam away telling him to back off. Adam smiles, turns around and walks towards black hair with a sparkling red tube-top and a black mini skirt that put him in a trance. He leans over and whispers into her ear, placing his hands on her hips sliding them lower and lower. Twisting out of his grip, she fends him off and hides behind her friends. Adam, now with a weakened morale, regroups with his buddies at the bar. On his way to the bar, Mike is introduced to the same classy lady whom he exchanged periodic smiles with and they begin to talk. After a few sentences, Mike’s pure intentions are realized by his new friend.

Their intriguing dialogue is suddenly interrupted as Mike’s new acquaintance is pulled away by her friends for a group venture to the washroom. She vows to continue their conversation as she brushes her lips past his ear filling his nose with her decadent scent. A few drinks later, and a few words here and there to random girls at the bar, and Adam is now ready for a new challenge. At the patio, a pair of fiery red-headed girls with large green eyes and matching outfits are dancing erotically. Their bare shoulders are suddenly covered by Adam’s hands as he places himself between them. The girls look to each other, pull away and continue to dance on the opposite end of the patio.

Mike makes his way across the dance floor when suddenly, the light body of an elegant blonde concealed by a sexy white top and tight black pants, falls into his arms. He picks her up, hands her her purse and asks her if she is okay, not realizing it was a friend from his floor. Tears rush down her face as messy words pour from her gentle lips, explaining how her cheeks were fondled by a dirty hand belonging to a slimy, long arm like the body of a snake. Mike consoles her as they walk to the bar.

As she wipes her tears and mumbles words of fury, Mike is disgusted as to what his fellow man has become. Making his way back to the bar, Adam’s diminishing ego begins to rise again as he is greeted by an old friend. She begins to dance with him along with her girlfriends. Her long black hair sways from side to side as her body shakes to the beat of the music. The thought of getting laid tonight gets his heart pumping faster. His friends walk by giving him a thumbs up.

Adam excuses himself for a quick venture to the john. Along the way his legs carry him to the bar where his initial victory of the night stands wiping the tears that moistened her parched lips. In hopes of doubling his chances for the night he begins to excrete poisonous words into her ear. She jumps to the comfort of Mike’s arms as drops of her corrosive tears begin to eat through his shirt. Adam leans over to Mike and his words of envy begin to surge into Mike’s ears, congratulating him on the trophy that lies in his arms. With a disgusted frown on his face, Mike assures Adam that unlike him, he does not consider a woman to be a trophy but a blessing.

Adam shrugs his shoulders and continues his journey. The big smile on Adam’s face is turned upside down when he realizes his dance partner is nowhere to be found. His head begins to spin as he looks around the club frantically. He spots a brunette on the stage dancing explicitly with her friends. He looks at himself in the mirror, fixes his shirt, crosses his fingers, signals his buddies and struts towards the stage. He tries a different approach this time: He walks by the group, scouting the hottest one of the pack, when his shirt is suddenly pulled by dirty blond hair, a low-cut black top and ripped blue jeans.

He trashes his current mission and gives his undivided attention to the subject at hand. She asks for a smoke. He pulls out his pack and lights her one. She thanks him and continues to dance to her favourite song. Adam blows circles of smoke into the air, putting his cigarette through them. She laughs and begins to dance closer. Learning from his previous attempt, he begins a conversation. His eye suddenly catches a glimpse of his buddies who are now dancing overtly with a couple of fresh girls. As he lights a new cigarette, Adam snaps under the pressure. He pulls the girl towards him, placing his knee between her legs and begins to dance. Angry at herself for thinking he was different, she raises her hand to his face and walks off stage. Adam now stands alone in the middle of the stage, staring down at a tipped over bottle of beer.

He watches as the yellow liquid spills all over the stage under everyone’s feet much like his ego. Making his way through the crowd Mike stops and feasts his eyes at a familiar face. She extends her delicate hand, placing it gently in his.

They make their way to the bar to continue their unfinished conversation. After an hour of talking and a few laughs they make a toast to their serendipity. As Mike and his friends raise their glasses for a final toast, Mike stares at his glass raised high in the air — much like his self-respect.

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