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Eyeopener Staff

The Palin Foundation is waiting to hear back from RSU before it can make a room-booking policy for the Student Campus Centre.

The policy is necessary to determine who gets priority when it comes to booking a room in the SCC. Ron Stagg, Palin Foundation chair, said enough external clients must be accommodated in order to pay the building’s running costs .

But RSU advocates student group priority in the centre. Currently, room booking operates on a first come, first serve basis. According to Stagg, $300,000 needs to be raised by taking bookings from external organizations for conferences and meetings.

RSU groups currently book rooms for free. “There’s so many conflicting needs and desires, so it’s important to get as many wide-ranging opinions as we can,” said Stagg at a meeting of the Palin Foundation last Wednesday.

Representatives from RSU and CESAR did not attend the meeting.

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