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By Matthew Chung

News Editor

Two disqualified executive-election candidates will go before an appeal’s committee tomorrow to argue that they were unfairly booted.

First-year mechanical engineering student Gligor Lojivic and fourth-year aerospace engineer Granville Pais were disqualified as candidates for President and vp finance and services, respectively. Their nomination forms did not have the required number of legitimate signatures, according to Chief Returning Officer Kelly Holloway.

But Pais said his signatures were identical to that of would-be running mates whom were not disqualified — Nuno Silva, who is running for vp education and Paul Bremner, up for vp student life and events. Also, the students said all who signed their forms were known to them. Eligible signatories must be full-time students with a valid student number.

“He had the same signatures as Nuno did,” said Dragisa Ivkovic, a fourth-year aerospace engineering student running for Board of Directors, who was going to lend his name to Lojivic’s slate. Ivkovic thinks his friends have been dismissed by the CRO because they are unknowns in RSU circles.

“When was the last time there were three slates running at Ryerson?” said Ivkovic, “It’s always the same insider slates running and we are completely outside. We are completely outside of RSU and we are running and this is what happens.”

Lojivic said he decided to run because he felt the executive elected usually does not represent the interests of the entire student body. Alex Kerner, internal co-ordinator for RSU, speaking on behalf of the CRO, said the two disqualified candidates did not have the appropriate number of approved signatures.

Three of Lojivic’s 51 signatures, for example, were ineligible, Kerner said.

“It’s one of the reasons why we encourage people to get more signatures than required because obviously when you collect that many signatures there are going to be one or two that are either not full-time students or give you a fake student number or whose name is incorrect,” Kerner said.

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