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By Richard Maerov

The first court appearance for first-year student Wang-Piao Dumani Ross has been rescheduled for March 23.

Taxi driver Tahir Khan was killed when his vehicle crashed into a pole after it was hit by a Mercedes-Benz on Jan. 24. Ross and Alexander Ryazanov, both 18, were charged with criminal negligence and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death.

Ross is also charged with failing to stop after an accident. A lawyer representing Ross made a brief court appearance last Thursday alongside Ryazanov’s representative, to request the new court date. The extension was granted because the defendants had not yet received full disclosure of the prosecution’s case.

That information is needed for the defense lawyers to properly assess the situation for their clients. Both Ross and Ryazanov were released on bail Jan, 31 after a week in custody. “If all goes well, the trial will begin in about a year,” Ryazonov’s lawyer, Todd White, said on Thursday.

“If things don’t go well, it could be even longer. It all depends on court availability, number of witnesses or other complications,” he said.

Khan, 46, was scheduled to receive his Canadian citizenship days after he died.

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