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By Hailey Hu

The Ryerson Engineering Students’ Society’s fourth annual Volkswagen Beetle push was set in motion at 11 a.m on March 1 as a part of National Engineering Week.

Volunteers took turns pushing the car around the quad, switching teams every two minutes. Meanwhile, others collected donations from passersby. The Push continued until 11 a.m. the following day.

The students raised a total of $1,825 for the Hospital for Sick Children Foundation this year, beating last year’s amount of about $1,700. Volunteers did most of the hard work, but members of the administration got their push on as well. “President Levy and all the VPs were out for the first lap; they (do) it every year,” said RESS President Phil Arthurs.

Since the first Bug Push in 2003, the event has raised $7,853.36 for the general fund at Sick Kids, helping fund research centres and upgrading technologies. Sick Kids representatives were pleased with the result.

“It’s wonderful that the engineering students at Ryerson are doing this… They are helping the community and a very good cause as well,” Penny Kroll, development co-ordinator at the Hospital for Sick Children Foundation, said.

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