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By Izabela Szydlo

As part of his master plan, President Sheldon Levy has reached out to Toronto, urging businesses and the private sector to get involved in plans to modify Ryerson.

Speaking to the Canadian Club last Wednesday, Levy said he wants the city to be an integral part of the changes at the school. “In some ways universities are notorious for building walls around themselves and for not taking the ball and running with it,” the president said.

“I am lacing up my sneakers. And I will say right off the top I would welcome hearing from creative partners and strong investors.”

The Canadian Club, which is a forum known for its renowned roster of speakers, was attended by about 300 business, community, and education leaders as well as students. Among those attending was Sam (the Record Man) Sniderman.

The owner of the music store said he wasn’t ready yet to make any commitments about a possible deal between Levy and himself. “Well, my family has a lot of property that surrounds Ryerson,” he said. “So it would have to depend not on just me personally but other members of my family.

I do hope to get involved though.” Sniderman also added that he thinks Levy’s vision isn’t just about success. “I hope he’s successful. But it’s more than just being successful, it’s necessary,” he said. Erin Hanpson, a fourth-year architecture student, said she also agrees with Levy’s vision to help the surrounding area.

“I think if the university had a stronger presence it might help,” she said. “It’s about time for Ryerson to present itself as a strong, growing university.”

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