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By Alyssa Luckhurst

With Ryerson’s future dependant on development, Chris Reid’s degree in civil engineering just might make him an ideal candidate.

Reid said that if elected councillor, he will support Ryerson University President Sheldon Levy’s plan to shut down Gould Street. He would also like to introduce Ryerson to “green roofs” – rooftop gardens that decrease pollution and city heat, and conserve energy by providing insulation.

“Ryerson would be a great place to set an example in Toronto, in terms of encouraging environmentally friendly buildings,” Reid said.

“I’m focused on reducing gridlock so that it’s easier to get downtown, as well as keeping the transit system affordable,” said the recent Queen’s University graduate.“I don’t think students get a good enough discount on their TTC passes.”

Reid proposes changing the major downtown streets, from Parliament to Bathurst, into one-way streets, in alternating directions. Reid said his plan would help drivers get in and out of the downtown area faster, and decrease air pollution because cars would not be idling as long.

Reid said he is running for councillor because he wants to ensure our government focuses on issues that matter.

“I see our city is falling behind other major cities across the world and it’s mainly due to the mismanagement of money,” he said. “We’ve increased spending by $1.3 billion in the last three years, risen property taxes greater than inflation, and over the past 15 years we’ve lost 100,000 jobs out of our city to the suburbs.”

Reid proposes lowering property taxes downtown so businesses can thrive and Ryerson grads can find work nearby.

Reid said the youth voice is important to him, and he would like to incorporate Ryerson residence councils at town hall meetings.

“I really encourage students to get out to vote because the municipal government impacts your daily life the most in terms of the quality of life around you.”

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