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We’ve spent 39 pages ripping everything Ryerson to shreds, but now it’s time to reflect on the good. Here are the Eyeopener’s Top Nine reasons why Rye High isn’t so bad.

9. The Student Campus Centre. Apart from housing our paper, having a building for the students is pretty special.

8. The Quad. On one hand, it’s the only grassy on campus, but on the other, — it’s the only grass on campus. Whether you’re playing football, or studying, it’s no wonder this picturesque spot is the cover of all the Rye High brochures

7. Access. Since KGB-worthy Claude Lajuenesse left the presidency two years ago, the upper admin at this school are finally talking. And better yet, they seem to be realizing critical articles aren’t personal.

6. The Ram in the Rye. Recent renovations, improvements in service, and menu changes, have helped make this cheap campus watering hole not only charming, but every now and then, the place to be.

5. The professors. Sure there are the cantankerous tenured hacks who just won’t retire, but for the most part, any professor who opts to teach here instead of money bags University of Toronto, is in it for the students.

4. Business on Bay. The master plan architectural team may not be feeling our new digs, because of their proximity to Canadian Tire and Best Buy, but this is a pretty damn nice building, and knowing there’s somewhere to turn in a duct tape emergency is pretty handy.

3. The corner of Victoria and Gould Sts. Lake Devo, Heaslip house, and even the gigantic Ryerson banner make this the most aesteically pleasing part of campus. Plus, it’s pretty cool we’ve got an outdoor rink.

2. The lockers. No seriously. They may have earned us the nickname Righ High, but our high numbers of commuters need them. Kudos admin for not giving into aesthetic pressures in favour of practicality.

1. Sheldon Levy’s master plan. He may just be throwing money we don’t have at a bad situation, but it’s nice to know there’s a game plan — and one that seems to be listening to students. Now close Gould Street!

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