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By Robyn Urback

There likely won’t be as much drama as the reality TV show, “So You Think You Can Dance.” But thanks to its popularity, Choreographic Works should attract a larger audience with its diverse range of dances.

“If you’re not enjoying a particular dance, in a few minutes you may see a new one you like,” said producer and faculty member at the Ryerson Theatre School, Vicki St. Denys.

“In the next breath there’s a new dance, another story.” If not motivated by the range of styles, St. Denys said some students may come to the show this year because of the mainstream appeal created by reality TV dance programs.

She said past audiences were largely made up of people who knew students in the show. “It would be fabulous if more of the student body turned out.”

The production showcases a variety of original performances choreographed by the dancers themselves. Forty-four dances in two separate shows range in style from contemporary works to ballet and modern.

St. Denys said the male performances are especially great this year. “There’s an honest, open, vulnerable presence about them,” she said. “Often men are less willing to show that.”

Choreographic Works gives dancers the opportunity to show their imaginations by performing their own choreography. St. Denys said there’s a different feel to presenting one’s own work.

“Each student has his or her own point of view and way of moving. The result is a very eclectic mix.”

Of the mix, Bhamini Ramanan, one of the stage managers, said there are some fantastic romantic pieces, especially the Brazilian and group contemporary pieces.

“It’s cool to see how the choreographer can envision how all the dancers will look together,” said the second-year theatre student.

Ramanan also said that putting that imagination into product requires a lot of time and effort. Rehearsals have been going as late as 11:30 p.m.

“The ball really got rolling after Reading Week,” she said. “We’ve had a short period of time to put the show together.”

Choreographic Works is one of the theatre school’s biggest shows of the year, and it usually sells out.

“Dancers aren’t getting marked, it’s just a chance to show their own work, their baby,” Ramanan said.

Students can catch Choreographic Works from March 6 to 17 at the Ryerson Theatre.

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