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By Gebbie Beanie

“Special” to The Dryersonian

In a Dryersonian exclusive, a Ryerson professor has revealed that he has some ground-breaking information to share.

Emeritus Windius, a politics and public administration prof, has some news that could potentially alter modern sensibilities.

“You don’t even know how important what I have to say is,” says Windius. Windius urges all students and faculty members to come out to his lecture that will take place on Friday.

“Everyone should come and hear what I have to say,” says Windius. “I will fundametally change the way people think.”

Windius isn’t the first Ryerson prof to say important things.

Last year, professor Lucinda Bosh gave an important lecture that nearly half-filled the Sears Lecture Hall. Students leaving afterwards could be heard discussing dinner plans and complaining about writing papers.

Windius’ students are also looking forward to hearing him speak.

“Some teachers are really worried about following lesson plans and concentrating on facts. Professor Windius really teaches on another level. He has so much life experience, so many anecdotes, a total lack of regard for proper lecture format,” says Reginald Shredwicks, a third-year politics student. “I mean, sometimes I have to hire a stenographer. After reading through 280 pages, I still don’t follow him but it’s not his fault. I think.”

“I think my students walk away from my lectures having learned something important,” says Windius. “But what I have to say is relevant to more than just students. Community members, faculty, staff and students should all come out to hear me. Everyone needs to listen to what I have to say.”

Windius is busy promoting his lecture throughout Toronto. To find out what Windius has to say, students will have to attend his lecture on Friday.

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