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By Jack Lug and Andy Moog

“Special” to the Dryersonian

That glass bridge linking Kerr Hall to the Rogers’ Communication Centre

Wow. People! Throw your Timmy’s cups in the trash, not in the beautiful glass hallway! It’s glass and pristine for a reason — it needs to stay that way! Dryersonian staff ensured that no one was throwing away Tim Horton’s Roll up the Rim cups without first checking if they were winners. Only two people neglected to check on their winning status. The hallway also showed evidence of clutter in the form of roadblocks, like walls of people walking to class in groups. Human walls are clutter too! —Jack Lug

The Quad and Kerr Hall

One of Ryerson’s biggest playgrounds — for waste!! Just look at all that dog poop! Dryersonian staff suspects that non-Ryerson students who own dogs or other animals who take poops might be tresspassing on Ryerson campus. Does the president know? And just surrounding the Quad in Kerr Hall, there is a fortress flled with trash. Just take a stroll around and around and around Kerr Hall (make sure you hit all three floors plus the basement) and every 345 steps you will likely find a piece of disowned trash. Well-read The Eyeopener newspapers are also alleged to be lying on benches in these hallways. — Andy Moog

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