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By Kaydi Pyette

The confusion still hasn’t subsided in finalizing the operating agreement for the Student Campus Centre. And the parties involved are still butting heads over the two-year-long battle.

After presenting a list of demands to the university last week, Ryerson Centre, the only party left to sign the agreement, is waiting for a response while the other parties involved decide whether or not to accept it.

Last week, The Eyeopener published a story about the ultimatum that was given to Ryerson Centre, leading them to issue an addendum. The Operating Agreement must be signed by all five parties to be legally binding.

Ryerson Centre said the demands, which includes being free of any liabilities incurred by other signed parties, having their $500,000 contribution to the SCC recognized, and maintaining ownership of their office in Oakham House, must be recognized in order for them to stay in the deal.

The addendum is still being reviewed by the university, the Continuing Education Students at Ryerson (CESAR), the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) and the Palin Foundation.

Ryerson University is trying to coordinate a meeting, but has run into more delays due to scheduling differences and a death in the family of one of the major players.

However, the addendum is now essentially void, because almost all of Ryerson Centre’s demands are being met in other ways, said Dominique Blain, vice president of Ryerson Centre.

The one conflict is that the RSU and CESAR are not content with Ryerson Centre’s request to keep their office in the SCC. If the objectives are met in alternative ways, the addendum is no longer necessary, she added.

Communication between the parties seems muddled. “I am unsure if the agreement has been signed,” Greg Quinn, general manager of Ryerson Centre, said. “I haven’t received any communication, or firm answers, but I expect the call any time now.”

Ryerson Centre president Michael Walton has bee on vacation in Italy, adding to the confusion. Ryerson Centre has been the opposing voice during much of the inflamed two-year process to settle the operating agreement, which has especially exasperated the RSU and CESAR leaders, who feel the delay is not in the best interests of the students.

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