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By Maurice Cacho

Business and Technology Editor

Ryerson Security is defending its turf with a Honda truck, handed down to them from another department at the university.

So far, the Ridgeline helped them lock up one bad-ass thug that was trying to jack a bike.

According to Security king pin Lawrence Robinson, the pickup was used to drop off officers that were able to “box in” the criminal.

“He just gave up, which is what we ultimately want them to do,” he said.

Security was able to recover the stolen bike and return it to the victim, a student.

They were given the vehicle as part of a pilot project to hook Security up with a ride. Robinson said he doesn’t know how much the truck is costing the school.

But Security is not paying for the leased vehicle, he confirmed.

The Honda will be used to increase visibility in problematic areas. It will also help Security get across Ryerson’s growing campus, which now stretches from Mutual Street to Bay Street.

Having a pickup makes it helpful for Security to transport a lot of the bulky medical gear they use for many of their calls. The truck is powered by a 275 hp V6 VTEC engine that delivers power to all four wheels through a five-speed autobox.

Up to five officers can roll up and down the Gould strip on 17-inch rims wrapped in high-profile rubbers.

Although the nearest gas station is just at Church and Dundas, the truck sips on fuel like Snoop sips on gin and juice, consuming 14.4 litres of gas per 100 km travelled.

They can crank up the six-speaker 100-watt stereo.

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