University is a crapshoot, bring a change of cloths

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By John Mather

Congratulations, you made it. You’re at university. Please, take a moment and soak it all in. … What the hell are you supposed to do now? Well, first of all, don’t panic. Second, don’t assume that anyone at Ryerson knows “the secret to success.” They don’t. University is a crapshoot ­— some get out of here in four years, others seven, and still others don’t finish at all. Making the most of your time is what’s in important. So the Eyeopener is here to give you a head start. From the basics of feeding yourself to the trickier subject of dealing with homelessness, Frosh 2007 is intended to be our most useful issue ever, a survival guide to your new home — Rye High. Even if we don’t actually save your life, this paper has your back for the next four years — or for however long you chose to stick around.

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