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By Amit Shilton

Sports Editor

Despite the surprise of being fired by Ryerson last February, former interuniversity sports manager Terry Haggerty is still advising the Rams.

“Different people obviously called me over the last eight months to talk about things,” said Haggerty, adding that he’s made his phone number available to staff if they have any questions.

“People just don’t know how things function or how the rules apply, those are the questions you get,” he said.

Haggerty, the former coach of the men’s basketball team, wouldn’t say who he’s been getting most of his calls from, but denied that he’s heard from acting athletic director Jean Kennedy.

“I’m not bitter in any which way,” said Haggerty. He signed an agreement with the school before leaving that he wouldn’t say anything negative about the department.

Haggerty says that he’s spent a lot of time in his cottage recently, and he has also lost around 40 pounds in the last eight months.

Haggerty is still unemployed and looking for a job at another school and said he’s not quite ready to retire. He added that he hasn’t heard from David Dubois since the former athletic director was fired alongside him.

“I wish people the best and I wish I was still there and helping out but I’m not, so the best of luck to them and the people who are there,” he said.

Marion Creery, the director of Student Services who pulled the trigger on Haggerty’s dismissal, refused to comment on the story.

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