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By Jessica Lewis

Approximately 663 students, staff, parents and random pedestrians signed up for a 10-minute toe-tapping tutorial in Dundas Square on August 30. As part of this year’s orientation week, instructors from the university taught hundreds of people a dance combination to break the world record for the largest dance class.

From 1 to 3 p.m. on Thursday, Dundas Square was partitioned off and turnstiles counted every person that entered the premises.

Ryerson dance students performed and led the throng through an original sequence for ten minutes, breaking the world record made on May 16 by 580 dancers in Birmingham, England.

But the title has not been officially won just yet. Two independent judges from the National Ballet School attended the event, but the forms have not been submitted to the Guinness World Records. The process will take weeks to confirm.

The event took months to create and a heap of co-ordination between Ryerson Student Services, Ryerson’s Orientation staff, the Rez Life staff, and 40 dance instructors from Ryerson’s Theatre School.

Gaya Arasaratnam, the Orientation Co-ordinator, was happy with the outcome.

“The student turnout was fantastic,” she said. “We would really love to get Ryerson in the record books.”

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