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By Lia Van Baalen

Ryerson students were left waiting in line last week to grab their free student handbooks after a problem at the printer left the Ryerson Students’ Union with only 1,600 handbooks.

Because of the shortage, the RSU was forced to hand out yellow “beat the line cards” to students who signed up for the day planners.

“It’s not a huge surprise,” said Nora Loreto, president of the Ryerson Students’ Union.

“The RSU did everything they could to get them here on time. It’s just that time of year.”

Students can pick up one of 17,000 available planners this week if they drop by the Student Campus Centre.

Only 4,500 arrived on Monday.

Janis Cole, a first-year documentary media student was turned away on Thursday when she came to collect her handbook.

“I schedule my time tightly,” she said. “The company can’t move the printer any faster; it’s just a delay in technology.”

This isn’t the first time this has happened, Loreto said.

Several years ago, the handbooks were delivered three weeks late. It may be an inconvenience to students who wish to jot down their first homework assignments, but the long wait may be worth it.

Each handbook costs $2.50, but since they are late, the RSU could get a discount. “We are working to get compensated,” said Loreto. “But we have to wait until they are all in.”

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