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By Jesse McLean and Adrian Morrow

A Pitman Hall resident was sliced in the neck with a kitchen knife two weeks ago, the Eyeopener has learned.

Residents of the building said a female business student attacked a male floor mate near midnight on Friday, Sept. 21. They said that she cut him in the stomach and then held the blade to his throat, adding that the victim wasn’t seriously hurt.

The female student was arrested and subsequently kicked out of the residence. Some sources said that she is still attending classes.

Several students told the Eyeopener that the attack was sparked by an argument over a backpack on the 11th floor of the residence.

A student front desk worker said that she had been directed not to allow the female student into the building.

Most of the sources declined to give their names.

Pitman residents Amy Geisberger and Nisreen Rawdah said that although the attack wasn’t a big deal, they’re glad the assailant is out of residence.

Ryerson administration and security have kept students in the dark about the violent attack, despite a spate of recent assaults at other universities.

Security and emergency services didn’t issue a bulletin, which they usually do after a crime.

“It’s under police investigation,” said Julia Lewis, assistant director of the centre for environmental health, safety and security management. She declined to give further details.

The front desk worker said that she had received no other communication from security.

Chris Beninger, the security supervisor who usually posts the alerts, did not return calls by deadline.

“Any student conduct information is confidential,” said Chad Nuttall, residence events co-ordinator. “We supported the individuals involved. It’s back to business as usual, as much as it can be.”

The attack comes on the heels of two rapes at York University and a sexual assault at Carleton.

Three weeks ago, after two reporters breached residence security at Ryerson, the school announced a review of safety in the residences.

Despite the attack, Lewis maintains that the residences are safe.

“Ryerson residence is very safe,” she said. “If you compare Ryerson’s campus to many campuses in other cities in Ontario … we have security and police.”

Ryerson Security Services declined to comment on the assault, and Toronto police were hesitant to release any details.

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