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Drew Halfnight

News Editor

The Maclean’s university ranking issue hit the stands this week, and once again, Ryerson was de-pantsed, bent over the magazine’s knee and given a thrashing.

Thank you sir, may we have another? And another and another?

“I remain suspicious of these rankings,” Ryerson President Sheldon Levy said Tuesday. “But that’s what people want, and that’s what sells magazines.”

Administrators from 23 schools that tend to score both high (U of T, McMaster) and low (York, Nipissing) participated in a boycott last year, refusing to provide information to Maclean’s editors.

In December Levy announced that Ryerson would join them.

This week he said Maclean’s ought to provide “information at a program level, and move away from apples-and-oranges rankings.”

But the boycott didn’t stop the magazine from open-palming our Rye-cheeks this year, as they always do.

In order to save you the $7 you’d pay for an issue of Maclean’s, the Eyeopener brings you the highlights.


Ryerson scores 20th (or 2nd-worst) in its category for student/faculty ratio, library acquisitions, and student awards

Our library had the fewest holdings per student of all schools in its category

Our average entering grade was a cruel B+ at 79.9 per cent. Most scores were in the 80 per cent range

A meagre 80 per cent of Ryerson faculty have a terminal degree, which is equivalent to a Ph.D


The school is rising in the rankings, from 18th two years ago, to 16th last year, to 11th this year in overall rankings

All that PR has paid off — Ryerson took gold in the reputation category

Rye students rated their school 4th in “level of academic challenge” and 2nd for “active and collaborative learning”

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