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By Joshua Dvorkin

Matt Durante’s love affair with music started long before becoming a student at Ryerson University.

Durante, 21, is the producer of The Darcys latest album Endless Water. “My music career started when I was three, picked up two rulers and drummed on the arm of the couch in my basement while listening to Bruce Springsteen records,” he says.

He soon learned how to play piano, drums, and then in high school learned to play the guitar.

Durante would say that he’s a drummer who plays the guitar. But for The Darcys he played bridesmaid to their blushing bride. He’s with the band, but not rocking the stage.

“I am kinda like the equivalent of the ‘fifth Beatle,’ I am their producer who had a large hand in creating their latest album.” says Durante.

Music production became his main interest in high school when his band Fourin Funksion recorded their first album. It was his interest in media that brought Durante to Ryerson.

Durante is majoring in New Media and Image Arts. “I actually got rejected from Radio and Television Arts. Apparently I wasn’t good enough for the program, but I still go out and do what I love most which is making albums.”

The album Endless Water was recorded at the Waterloo Regional Children’s Museum; you can actually hear children in the background as well as the sounds of trickling water from an installation inside the museum. The sounds worked out nicely considering the name of the album.

“All we want is for people to appreciate the artwork that we put into it. We wouldn’t be making a thousand copies of the album, writing blogs every day, if it was all just for us. Bottom line, we want this to be shared,” Jason Couse, the lead guitarist said.

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