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By Adrian Morrow

Associate News Editor

The provincial government sent one of their top dogs to campus this week to see the place and get briefed on the school’s future expansion.

John Milloy, the new Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, dropped in for a meeting with President Sheldon Levy and a walking tour with a posse of aides, media and a student politician.

During the tour, Levy expounded on his plans for Sam the Record Man.

“The city has given us this alley, so we can cantilever overtop (Sam’s),” he said, pointing to the lane between the library building and what was once Canada’s most important music store. His plan is to slap several floors of student lounge and study space on top of the Yonge Street landmark, over two floors of retail and a bike parking lot — which Levy said would be the first in the country.

Ryerson Students’ Union President Nora Loreto, meanwhile, took the opportunity to press Milloy on tuition fees and proudly point out the Student Campus Centre.

“It’s student-funded, student-run,” she said. “It’s the one place on campus where students can get space.” The party then proceeded to check out a Church Street parking lot that Ryerson hopes to acquire and the lot of the Sears Building, another piece of land Ryerson could one day acquire.

Milloy didn’t promise anything, but Levy left the meeting all smiles.

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