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Maurice Cacho

Photo Editor

I like Windows Vista, I really do. But sadly, it’s not for Ryerson yet.

Ryerson is big and mature and it can’t afford to waste time on Vista. Maybe in a year or two, but definitely not now.

Vista is a great operating system because it’s a lot more secure than its predecessor, Windows XP. If you’re not that strong with computers, Vista’s hardcore security features will save your butt.

And even if you just want an operating system that looks awesome, get Vista. But only get it on a brand new computer.

Simply put, Vista is still new, still having compatibility issues with old software and hardware and it’s not worth it to make the switch with the computer you have now.

In an effort to make its latest operating system really secure and safe from viruses and spyware, Microsoft made it difficult for older pieces of software to work well — or even work at all.

So software has to be upgraded to work properly on Vista. It could be as simple as downloading a free update. It could be as expensive as buying the latest Adobe Creative Suite.

Whichever way you slice it, it’s still a problem, and one Ryerson can’t solve without giving software developers time to catch up.

If Ryerson were to upgrade every single PC on campus right now, Sheldon Levy might as well start ordering bucket-loads of Advil for his technicians.

Yes, Vista looks as sexy as a Ferrari. And yes, it’s the most secure Windows operating system of all time — not a hard feat to achieve.

But underneath that pretty exterior lies a resource-hungry beast from hell that won’t take no for an answer.

To work well, Vista needs at least 1 GB of RAM and a fast processor. And to really let Vista be all it can be, you’ll need more than the minimums and a kick-ass graphics card.

This is just too much to expect for most of the computers on campus. In any case, it will be incredibly expensive and incredibly stupid to upgrade just for Vista, when there’s still a perfectly serviceable operating system in XP. Not to mention the time it will waste.

Now, those who are part of the Apple cult will suggest we switch to Macs, but they’re wrong. I’m sitting beside a brand-new iMac with Leopard, but have chosen to write this on an older Tiger-based machine.

One of these cats still needs to be potty trained, and I’m not going to do it. Vista is great if you’re buying a new computer to work with your new printer and new webcam.

It will work great and leave you smiling. Put it on an older system and you won’t get the blue screen of death anymore. But it’s only because they changed it to white.

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