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Tyler Harper

Sports Editor

Last week in “Third and Short,” this villainous sports editor wrote the women’s basketball team was “a thousand-mile stare away from a playoff spot.” It has since come to my attention that this statement is inaccurate — the disturbed eccentricities of the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) standings evidently allow the 4-14 Rams team a playoff spot.

It works like this: the top six teams in the OUA East and West conferences are playoff bound.

The Rams are currently fifth in the OUA East with eight points, thus a playoff spot.

The error made last week was the mistaken belief that the top 12 teams combined from both conferences were the playoff teams.

Working under this assumption, the Rams may be fifth in the OUA East but are 13th overall. So it is on me then to apologize, sincerely and humbly, to the women’s basketball team for this most grievous of errors.

I bow before the collective fury of the Rams for my ignorant (albeit well written) statement and plead forgiveness.

There is in fact no one outside Sports and Rec happier than I that the Rams are, for the moment, playoff bound.

The Eyeopener may not always be pro-Sports and Rec, but we are always pro-Rams.

In the stubborn tradition of all Toronto fans who love their losing teams, the Eyeopener will blindly follow the Rams until the day this school win a championship.

This day may not come this season, or perhaps even this decade. But at the very least, it will give me something to write about.

And Oleh Kovalchuk is a volleyball player, not a basketball player. Whatever.

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