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John Mather


I’ll be brief: Robert Paskowitz — Robbie — why, oh why, are you trying to ambush the Eyeopener?

I know you think we’re sensational, and I’m not denying that. And you think we’re bad journalists — we do have our failings, but we’re also one of Canada’s most decorated student papers.

Now, you’re telling me that my paper might be guilty of copyright infringement, a serious allegation I would like to investigate. But you won’t give more details.

All I can assume is that you have a problem with a photo the Fun Page editor ran off the Internet ­— or the time we used corporate logos in a photo-illustration.

Was that it? Why won’t you tell me? Since you’re running for RSU president, I ask you just to say what we’ve done wrong.

I hate all the tension that’s been built up between us. Do you really want to take us down? Why can’t we be friends?

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