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By John Mather


The Canadian Federation of Students plans on using Ryerson supporters in a massive campaign to prevent BC’s Simon Fraser University from ditching the organization, leaked documents reveal.

The details of the national lobby group’s comprehensive strategy, which critics say will be a waste of students’ money, was accidently e-mailed to the Kwantlen Student Association — another union about to hold a referendum on defederation.

The package includes detailed plans to get recruits on campuses in B.C. to promote services CFS offers.

One page identifies people the federation might recruit from Ontario to help lobby on the CFS’s behalf.

A handful of Ryerson Students’ Union executives and staff are on the list.

RSU President Nora Loreto, who plans on taking vacation time to help out in B.C., said the plan is within the CFS mandate and budget.

“For us to lose this number of schools would be a disaster,” Loreto said.

However, RSU VP Student Life and Events Abe Snobar, who has tried to bring a defederation referendum to Ryerson, said this simply proves the CFS is too involved in individual campuses.

“This is bullying. They have a right to defend themselves, but this is more than defending yourself.”

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