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Eyeopener Staff

Two men shouting homophobic slurs assaulted a Ryerson student last week.

The attack occurred last Thursday night after 10:30 p.m. Two students were walking in the alleyway between Eric Palin Hall and the Architecture Building when they were approached by three men who began to harass them. When one of the students yelled back at them, two of the men started punching and shoving him while taunting him with homophobic jeers.

The three perpetrators eventually ran away, and the victim decided not to press charges.

“It’s a very upsetting occurance,” said Ryerson Security supervisor Imre Juurlink. The perpetrators are still on the loose, but security is treating it as a hate crime and investigating.

Officers are still in touch with the students but didn’t release their names.

“There were some injuries sustained, but nothing he required or desired medical assistance for,” Juurlink said.

RyePRIDE, Ryerson’s queer community service group, hadn’t heard of the incident when contacted by the Eyeopener, but said that they don’t usually hear reports of homophobia-driven verbal or physical assaults.

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