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By Alyssa Pankiw

It’s application time at Ryerson again, and new numbers released by the school show that enrolment is through the roof.

In fact, Ryerson estimates that the school took in 500 more students than it budgeted for last year, including more than 200 first-years.

“We particularly see interest in applications as a tangible raising of interest in Ryerson in the community,” said registrar Keith Alnwick, who oversees admissions.

“A drawback is that it puts pressure on admissions offers staff. It’s a good news story, but it has challenges.”

And with increased applications, there’s more students who don’t get in.

The increase in enrolment is partly due to higher than average retention rates.

The school also underestimated how many students would decide to come to the school.

“There is always some difference between budgeted and actual enrolment due to uncertainty in the take-up of offers for admission by prospective students in any one year,” said Paul Stenton, vice provost of university planning.

Stenton said that an increase in operating revenue from fees and government grants, and additional university operations resources will accommodate the influx of students.

The program that saw the largest increase was business management, but not every program saw an equal increase.

“It’s different for every program,” said Linda Grayson, VP Finance and Administration.

“For some programs it may just be that more faculty will have to be hired.”

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