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By Amy Greenwood

It’s early afternoon and you’ve just survived a four-hour onslaught of classes. You’re starving, you’re broke and don’t have much time before the start of round two. Luckily, Ryerson is chock-full of hearty grub to help keep you satisfied.

The first obvious staple is caffeine and there are enough java stops around campus to make you feel like a New Yorker.

If you don’t have time to wait in the mile-long lineup at the Tim Hortons on Victoria Street, there are kiosks in Kerr Hall East and the engineering building.

The other Timmy’s is in Jorgenson Hall’s Hub cafeteria, where you can also load up on soup, salad, sandwiches, Pizza Pizza and more for under $10. If you’re a non-fat grande-frappe-ccino-type, Jorgenson also has a Starbucks.

If you have time to venture up to Yonge Street, then mark Salad King on your map.

Right beside the bookstore, this place is a Ryerson hotspot. Voted best lunch for under $10 by Now Magazine in 2005, it is easy on your wallet but doesn’t skimp on quality – it also earned the accolade of Best Thai Restaurant by Now in 2004 and 2006.

Pizza is a classic standby in the student diet, but if you’re sick of the usual, Amato’s will definitely liven things up. Arguably one of the best gourmet pizza places on a fast food level, they offer everything from meat lovers to Mediterranean to spinach and vegan slices at a reasonable price. Sure, they have a bit of a dingy appearance, but just consider any surprise ingredients as added protein.

Dominion is also a favourite, especially of the RTA and journalism kids because of its location: just across the street from the Rogers Communication Centre. This place is particularly convenient because it’s open 24 hours, which is useful during late-night cram-sessions.

At lunch you can whip across and grab a ready-made salad for $3 to $5, a pizza slice for $2 or sandwiches and wraps for $4.

There’s also a Bento Nouveau if you’re in the mood for sushi. Or you can be totally random and grab a box of Frosted Flakes and a banana.

The Mutual Street Deli is another hotspot that is near campus.

Located at Dundas and Mutual Streets, this eatery offers a variety of diner food. From pork on a pita to grilled cheese with fries, you can bet you won’t be spending your life savings on this meal.

After all the studying, you’ll definitely want a place that serves up a mean breakfast.

Head on over to Daybreak at 399 Church St — it’s a cheery little diner where you can fill yourself to the brim for under $10. They are extremely generous in their portions and serve up fantastic Eggs Florentine, combo omelettes, crepes, and old-fashioned buttermilk pancakes and French toast. Be sure to bring along a friend – they’ll have to roll you to your next class. Bon appétit!

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