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Carla Wintersgill


I am a procrastinator. All my school assignments were inevitably written the night before, no matter how much time I had been given to complete the assignment. Midterms too. I never really saw the point in wasting more than one night studying.

Which is why I never really under stood the sick fake-out. If given an extra two weeks to write a paper, I’d probably just do it all at the last minute anyway.

But maybe I’m just saying that becase I wasn’t clever enough to pull it off.

However, there is an increasing amount of students that are realizing that the easiest way to get an extension is to produce a doctor’s note.

As our intrepid Steve Silva discovered, anyone can waltz into the Atrium’s walk-in clinic and come away with a reasonably priced doctor’s note. Silva tried the system out for himself and got his own medical note, for the somewhat vague diagnosis of ‘headaches.’

The real question is, should students be faulted for working the system? Or should doctors be blamed for handing out notes without question?

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