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By Shannon Higgins

News Editor

The Continuing Education Chancellor donated $100,000 to jump start student projects at Ryerson university.

G. Raymond Chang’s donation was prompted after a meeting with President Sheldon Levy.

“The Chancellor has always really seen himself as a ‘for the students’ chancellor,” Levy said. “He asked ‘is there a way that I could do more?’ and wrote a cheque.”

Adam Kahan, vice president of university advancement, said a variety of student projects need funding.

“I wish we had enough funds to support all student requests.”

But that is not the case and while this money seems directed at projects like Ryerson University Televison Station (RUtv), each project needs to be evaluated and right now there are no specific projects linked to the donation, said Kahan.

“In some sense, that’s the beauty of it… he [Chang] didn’t want to predefine anything,” Levy said.

Hyebin Yoon, a third-year architecture student and president of Ryerson’s chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students. is running a conference in November. The conference is just one of the many student projects vying for a piece of the donation.

The event received funding from the faculty of engineering and architectural science, but it’s not enough, said Yoon, and the group is holding a fundraiser to raise more money.

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