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By Adam Vrankulj

Ryerson students will help decide whether President Sheldon Levy deserves a passing or failing grade.

A presidential advisory review committee is being formed to assess Levy’s performance and determine whether or not he should be re-appointed to another five-year term as king of the castle after his contract expires in 2010. Ryerson students will be able to give their input.

As the Ryerson bylaws state on the university’s website, the committee will get input from members of the Ryerson community on the performance of the president.

Students, teaching faculty, alumni, administrative staff, government representatives and donors to the university will be consulted and will have an opportunity to provide feedback.

According to Heather Driscoll, the Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Board of Governors, who will be the secretary of the review committee, the members will be appointed at the next Senate and Board of Governors’ meetings.

The committee will be comprised of the Chair of the Board of Governors, Peter Lukasiewicz, the Vice Chair, Phyllis Yaffe, seven other members of the board, and four members of the Senate.

“The board carries out the review,” said Levy. “The board selects members [to sit on the committee], the senate selects members and there’s meetings that they conduct with the community.”

After the committee has come up with their assessment of Levy’s performance, they will present their findings along with a suggestion as to whether or not Levy is to be re-appointed to the Board, who has the ultimate decision.

In the event that Levy isn’t re-appointed to a second five-year term, another committee is to be set up.

This time, it’s called the presidential search committee and it works to find new candidates for the position of the President. The search committee is comprised of the same people and is created in the same way as the review committee.

According to Driscoll, a notice is soon to be distributed throughout the school notifying people of the process, how to participate and how to be represented in the review process.

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