Ryerson faculty victim of e-fraud

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By Andrea Maclean

Associate News Editor

Ryerson staff and students could be targets of fraud when taking cash from an ATM on campus.

On Oct. 15, a Ryerson faculty member used the CIBC bank machine outside of the Hub to withdraw money. Later on, $440 was withdrawn from her account.

Imre Juurlink, Ryerson’s security supervisor, said the incident was reported to security the following day after the woman received a call from her bank.

Although the money was withdrawn from two different machines ($40 from one and $400 from a second), “there’s a possibility that there’s something fishy going on with the [Hub CIBC] machine,” said Juurlink.

CIBC spokesman Rob McLeod said that there have been no reports of fraudulent activity with that ATM or any other on Ryerson campus.

“We’ve had no reports of anything with respect to this machine,” said McLeod. “If there is a situation where we believe that something needs to be investigated then we investigate it.”

Det. Const. Bart Hendriks said it’s up to students to ensure they aren’t victims of fraud, keep their PIN hidden and be aware of anything that doesn’t seem right with the machines.

“If there’s something loose or looks like it’s too bulky and it looks suspicious, call security and let them look into it,” he said.


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