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By Erin Valois

Sports Editor

The women’s volleyball team has received a $60.000 grant from the Coaches Association of Ontario to hire a full-time coach.

Ivan Joseph, Ryerson’s director of athletics, announced earlier this week that the search is on for a coach to fill the new position.

He also says that the grant is a step in the right direction for female varsity teams at Ryerson.

While the men’s volleyball team has a full-time coach, women’s volleyball is one of the only teams with a part-time coach because funds were not available to add a full-time salary.

Because of the grant, the volleyball team is able to be on equal footing with other varsity teams, Joseph says.

“We want to find the best qualified candidate no matter where they come from,” he says.

“I think a coach that only shows up an hour and a half doesn’t really get to know an athlete.”

The application for the subsidy was under the Quest for Gold Enhanced Coaching program.

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One of the grant’s mandates is to provide equal access to women in sport and promote increased support for female coaches.

The funding is split into three years. The grant gives the team $25,000 for the first year, $20,000 for the second year and $15,000 in the third year — which allows for the university to add to the full-time salary. After three years, Joseph says that Ryerson will look for other ways to add to funding for the team.

And in accordance with the rules of the grant, the full-time position must be advertised nationally.

Bob Cholette has been coaching the team part-time for the past four years.

“Bob is part-time, but we hope that he applies for the position,” Joseph says.

“I don’t know if a full-time coach will make a difference for this season, I know it will definitely help with recruiting. Having a full-time coach will really help.”

Cholette says that there are a number of restrictions to being a part-time coach, and he is interested in applying for the full-time position.

“Of course, it’s something I’m interested in,” Cholette says.

“A full-time coach would put the team on a level playing field with other programs.”

Joseph hopes to have a final decision by the end of October. He expects the full-time position to make the women’s team stronger.

“I think you get to foster a better relationship with the players. I hope that will happen here,” he says.

“I know you have to find the right person to make it happen.”

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